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Cyber Security

Our team is certified, experienced and with hands on experience can provide up-to date Cybersecurity controls to keep malicious hands off your Business IT infrastructure.​

Part of the Cybersecurity package we provide is an antivirus to monitor all PCs (and macs) to prevent your network from being attacked. 

With the increased sophistication and frequency of online threats, antivirus systems have become extremely necessary for both personal and organizational usage. Currently, there are numerous kinds of online threats that can infect both personal devices or networked systems and give access to cybercriminals. Using an antivirus software can assist you to defend your devices against malware and viruses. They come with multiple layers of defense that will assist you to block different kinds of online threats.

At Exoweb, we offer different antivirus software and systems that will aid you to:

  • Scan, detect, and remove all malware files before they infect your devices. 
  • Protect yourself from viruses, malware, and prevent their transmission.
  • Block spam, malware, and ads.
  • Offer defense against cybercriminals and hackers.
  • Scan any removable devices.
  • Protects all your data and files.
  • Offer protection from spyware and other forms of attacks including phishing.
  • Limit the access to malicious websites as a way to enhance web protection.
  • Parental control will assist to monitor children activities online.
  • Offer password protection.

Managed Services

We provide complete auditing of your network infrastructure to make sure your network stays up and running 24/7.

We offer Remote Management of systems 24/7 that will enable you to monitor IT packages. Our package will benefit any size of business and ensure that all your IT systems run safely, efficiently, and free up more resources that will assist you to focus on other strategic business goals.

We also assist you to monitor both your hardware and software and automate all critical software and all security updates. Additionally, we will also provide an early warning of any probable IT concerns.

We also provide compliance accreditation, remote monitoring, and management services for larger organizations. Here is how Exoweb’s Remote Management of systems 24/7 will assist you:

  • Provide real-time remote monitoring management.
  • Provide early warning.
  • Provide Advanced warning.
  • Provide threat management and ensure that all your devices and networks are updated with the latest security patches and anti-malware updates.
  • Assist you to become compliant with all security standards and industry best practices.
  • To filter out the noise from all your critical systems.
  • Setup and configure software components.

Firewall Setup and DNS Protection

  • We provide complete setup and maintenance of your Firewall and maintenance to make sure your network stays safe and secure.
    This is a network security device that is used to monitor all incoming and outgoing network traffic. It can either allow or block any type of traffic that does not fulfill the defined set of security rules and is, therefore, deems it to be harmful. In the past 25 years, they have been used as the first line of defense.
    Our firewall services will enable you to get the following benefits that are provided for by firewalls:
  • To establish a security barrier between protected and controlled internal systems or networks that have been certified and trusted.
  • To assist you to monitor traffic.
  • To protect yourself against Trojans.
  • To prevent hackers from gaining access.
  • To access control
  • To improve internet privacy.

DNS protection

Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially an automated directory that captures the names of the device connected to the network, including the internet. DNS Protection is extremely vital as it is the first and usually the best line of defense against coordinated cyberattacks such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and other forms of malware. This is because if threats are can quickly be identified and blocked from gaining access to the system when they are first identifying at the DNS level, then it is difficult to attack any system or device.

At Exoweb, we offer DNS protection and assist you to set up multiple layers of security that go beyond the endpoint to protect you from security threats. We offer a strong, well-connected threat and vulnerability protection network that will avail DNS level protection in the clouds that will enable you to process and scan all materials before they are downloaded.

At Exoweb, we offer different types of DNS Protection that will enable you to unlock the following benefits:

  • To prevent phishing attacks.
  • To prevent the use of exploit kits to probe for vulnerabilities on computers and networks.
  • To exploit DNS filtering to offer an extra layer of protection that prevents users from visiting malicious websites.
  • To enforce acceptable Internet usage policies.
  • To block access to illegal websites and illegal web content in the workplace.

Office 365 & Software Maintenance

Complete consultancy and support for installation, configuration and maintenance of business software such as Office 365 and more.

We offer migration services from Google apps and/ or regular email servers to Office 365. The following are some of the benefits of using Office 365 and using Teams for chats
• It offers persistent chat where you can easily access and see what other users said in the past. It is also possible to search the chat logs.
• It offers persistent group chats. Team members can collaborate even if all of them are not online at the same time.
• It offers a mention feature. This allows other users to address other individuals directly to get their attention.
• It has a dark theme. This reduces direct light to the eye making it comfortable and easy to use for extended periods.
• Allows a user to paste images directly during a chat. This does not require both users to be online during the file transfer.
• Allows for gif integration and the use of traditional emoji, making chats more fun.
• Has the capacity to mask links allowing users to turn phrases into links or relevant URLs.
• It also has a mobile app.
• Offers better and numerous screen sharing options.

Phone Services

VOIP Services along with Messaging and Video Services in one bundle

  • Follow Me capabilities with the app.
  • Easy to move personnel around now without having to hire someone to reprogram your phone system.
  • Easy set up.
  • Savings on monthly phone bills.
  • Connects through the internet. 

Cloud Backup

This an offsite backup of your data using reliable cloud computing services such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Although both local backup and cloud back serve a similar function, data management, Exoweb will assess your business, and assist you to set up either local backup or cloud backup or both types of backup depending on the organizational needs. Since both types of backups are valuable, the choice of backup system will depend on your business requirement. Regardless of the type of backup you chose, you will still be able to enjoy the following benefits from Exoweb’s local or cloud backups. 

Benefits of Cloud Backup

  • It is to scale up on demand
  • Enables you to quickly recover in case of a disaster recovery
  • Provides easy access to information
  • Easy to access information remotely.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Better management of IT Resources.
  • Enhance compliance safeguards and standards

Local Backup

We can supply you with a storage device where you can save a on-site backup of your data.

Benefits of Local Backup:

  • Local backup guarantees optimal control of all data and information.
  • Offers faster speed of storage and retrieval of data.
  • It reduces the chance of experiencing a malware attack.
  • Improves onsite accessibility.
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