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Reduced Cost

Compare to on-site tech support, from a third-party or an in-house tech department, remote IT support is cheap. The main reason for the reduced price is the fact that remote IT support companies do not charge the extra fees associated with traveling to your business or office. They extend the travel cost saving by offering their services at a reduced price.

Focus On Your Business

As a business owner, many business processes require your attention. One of these processes is IT, which is time-consuming and tedious. A business owner should not be worrying about fixing and troubleshooting IT issues. By hiring a remote IT support company, you have one less thing to worry about. Therefore, you can focus on other things that are significant to the growth of your business.viruses, and configuring firewalls.

Regular Maintenance

Our remote IT support is able to monitor and identify networking and computer issues.

To put it into perspective, consider what an hour of downtime in your network would cost. Or, consider how losing your data to a breach would impact your business and customers.


Networking and software issues can significantly slow down processes at your workplace. The time it takes for tech support to get to your premises only makes things slower or worse.
Exoweb will start working on your tech issue as soon as you call. We can view the network the computer or network with a problem from their desk and start solving the problem within minutes.

Increased Productivity

Do tech issues distract your employees from their primary job objectives? Over time, these distractions hamper the overall productivity of your company.
Software bugs and malware infections can be avoided by having regular maintenance of your computers and network system.

Qualified & Experienced
IT Professionals

The high cost of hiring an experienced IT professional makes some business owners end up hiring an inexperienced or unqualified IT person. 
Outsourcing your company’s IT issues to a remote IT service provider guarantees that you have access to IT pros. Exoweb has the experience to keep your systems protected and running. 

One Compromised Device Can Wipe Out Your Company

Phishing URLs have increased by 640%

New industries are reporting higher-than-average infection rates

Protect your systems without paying for a full time person.

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Our Managed IT Services Include

Cyber Security

Our team is certified, experienced and with hands on experience can provide up-to date Cybersecurity controls to keep malicious hands off your Business IT infrastructure.

Firewall Protection

We provide complete setup and maintenance of your Firewall and maintenance to make sure your network stays safe and secure.

Software Services

Complete consultancy and support for installation, configuration and maintenance of business software such as Office 365 and more.

Local Backup

We can supply you with a storage device where you can save a on-site backup of your data.

Cloud Backup

This an offsite backup of your data using reliable cloud computing services such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Network Auditing

We provide complete auditing of your network infrastructure to make sure your network stays up and running 24/7.

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