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Many small business owners don’t know that managed IT services are for more than just major corporations. The reality is that IT services, like our Exoweb small and medium business IT support in Los Angeles, California, can help protect your small business, you and your clients’ information, and save you money. Investing in managed services could be one investment your business can’t afford not to make.

Small businesses can benefit greatly from IT services, be it full-time IT services or assistance for your current IT staff, in a variety of ways. Managed IT services can help you and your staff adapt to the latest technology, provide network security and tech solutions, advise on recognizing and avoiding cybercrime and scams, and even save the day with backups for necessary software and files.

In this article, we’ll get into the details of all that IT services has to offer small businesses, from 24/7 monitoring to saving you money.

Our IT support in Los Angeles offers 24/7 monitoring services. This means our highly-trained experts are not only keeping constant surveillance of your system, but our systems are on all the time. We are alerted if anything should go wrong or you need tech assistance.

When Disaster Strikes

System failure, cybercrime, and technological failure can strike at any moment; if you’re not technologically savvy, this could harm your business, not to mention the issues with the sensitive information your system houses. Having a managed IT services team on your side means you have someone there for you that knows what to do when disaster strikes.

Qualified Experts On-Hand

It also means that you have a team of qualified experts on your side that have the ability to pre-empt some of the dangers these disasters pose. For example, we were able to save a client thousands of dollars in July thanks to our foresight. One of their users turned off the antivirus software and they became infected with ransomware. Thanks to our secure nightly backups, though, we were able to restore their documents! Now, they have hired us as their full-time remote management company. We put systems into place so that users no longer have administrative rights and access.

Does that story sound familiar? We’re not surprised; it’s a common problem in small- to medium-sized businesses. Having the 24/7 monitoring that our IT services in LA offers allows you to have our expert services on hand all the time. We’re on your side in everything that we do, ensuring that your business has what it needs to stay safe.

Save Money

The initial price of managed IT services can seem pretty steep before you realize what all they offer for you. The long-term savings you’ll get from having expert IT technicians in charge of your system, monitoring them 24/7 so they catch problems early and create ways to protect your important and sensitive materials is significant. 

Increase Employee Productivity

We’re willing to wager that someone or multiple people in your office currently take on or share the workload of your IT services. While it is helpful to have a computer-savvy employee on hand, wouldn’t it be nicer if they could spend all their time at the office doing what you hired them to do? Having a managed IT service like ours on board allows your employees to focus on their work without having to worry about troubleshooting errors or being wary of cybersecurity.

With our experts on your side, you can rest assured that your system will run smoothly, be protected, and all problems handled so your employees can focus on what’s important: their job. This means the work you need done will get done in a reasonable time without delays or computer failures.

Affordable IT Support

Our managed IT services in Los Angeles, CA are reasonably priced. If you have between 5 and 50 computers, we can keep you protected for a fraction of the traditional cost. We also offer a variety of packages so that you can find one that best suits your business’s needs and budget. We even offer the ability to work with your in-office IT technician for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. You’ll also save money on technicians, last-minute repairs, and backups.

Protect Sensitive Information

There are many small- to medium-sized businesses that house a lot of sensitive information for their clients—CPA firms, real estate agents, small to medium manufacturers, online shops, etc—that they need to protect. Without a reliable IT services team on your side, you could be putting this information at risk. You could also run the risk of losing valuable information you need in the event of a crash or other disaster.

CPA Firms, Law Firms, and Manufacturers

It stands to reason that CPA and Legal firms would house an exorbitant amount of sensitive information that would need to be protected. Moreover, they often store important tax files and documents for their clients for ease of access next tax season. All of this information requires the latest safety technology and 24/7 system monitoring to ensure its safety. But, did you know that managed IT services like ours also do regular, nightly encrypted backups? So, if anything were to go disastrously wrong, all of your sensitive and important information and software is safely backed up to your own secure system.

Similarly, manufacturers house a lot of their clients’ private information as well. In their database is all their clients’ addresses, billing information, and more; that’s a lot of highly sensitive, classified information that needs protecting. With a managed IT services team on staff, you can rest assured that your system stays safe and secure thanks to 24/7 monitoring, ransomware prevention, and firewall protection. Some businesses, like our IT services in Los Angeles, even do secure nightly backups that allow us to restore your files should anything go wrong.

How We Can Help

We offer a team of highly trained CIO and IT management experts with years of experience that backup your systems nightly, monitor them 24/7, and ensure your business has the latest and greatest software. We are compliant for protecting your intellectual property and client information and our systems are PCI compliant. We cater every project to the client’s specific needs and even offer a free security audit. We offer both ransomware prevention and firewall protection.

We strive to offer you the best and most reliable IT services, from IT disaster recovery to firewall protection and ransomware prevention. We keep a close eye on your system to ensure that your small business and the sensitive information it holds stay safe and we do it all for an unbeatable price. Managed IT services for small businesses just make sense; let us help keep your business protected for a fraction of the cost.

Corporate IT security

Whether you’re already in need of small business information technology support in Los Angeles, CA or you’d just like to ask us a couple of questions, contact us today. We’re here to help support your IT needs, whether that means assisting your current IT technician or taking on the project full-time, at a reasonable price.

We are currently offering a free, no obligation security audit. We will find and report to you where your risks are located, which systems are not up to date and vulnerable, and how we can help you secure your systems. Click here to sign up.

Don’t just wait until disaster strikes, have us on hand for IT disaster recovery.

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